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“YouTube It”?

These days, when the bill from a plumber, carpenter, or painter can look like the national debt, it’s no wonder that more and more of us listen to our handy friends who say, “YouTube it!” And it makes good sense… sometimes.

The average home craftsman often can get good results. But there are occasions when the really smart do-it-yourself enthusiast leaves the job to a “pro.” Indeed, it’s just good economy to call on a specialist whenever a job requires special skills, experience, and technical knowledge… and when a mistake can be costly.

Take the matter of buying, selling, or trading a hotel, for instance, on the surface, what could appear more simple than a “do-it-yourself” transaction where buyer and seller meet, come to terms, and complete the sale? Indeed, it looks easy… on the surface.

But, dig below that surface and you’ll discover that a “do-it-yourself” deal of this type is about as practical as “YouTube it” brain surgery. There is simply is too much at stake — too much specialized knowledge and experience required.

That’s why, when you consider buying or selling hotel property — especially in times like these — you’re wise to get the help of full-time hotel sales specialists — the members of Scoggin Blue and HBI. Their nationwide hotel sales contacts and experience, plus their understanding of every phase of the hotel business, (many HBI members themselves have owned or operated hotels) enables HBI members to bring buyers and sellers together quickly, help arrange favorable financing, iron out technical details, and complete the transaction to the satisfaction of all parties. “YouTube-ing it” might be o.k. for birdhouse builders. It’s not for serious, profit-minded buyers or sellers of a hotel property.

(Vol 2 No. 4 Do it yourself)

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